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The Official University Master's Degree in Territorial Management: Operational Instruments and Techniques awarded by the University of Seville is delivered within the Faculty of Geography and History by the Geography  Departments (the Department of Human Geography, and the Department of Physical Geography and Regional Geographic Analysis), with the participation of lecturers from other departments and visiting experts. In the sections entitled Department of Human Geography and Department of Physical Geography and Regional Geographic Analysis can be found the relevant information about the participating lecturers holding a PhD who come from the two main departments involved in the delivery of the programme.


Teaching Centre

Faculty of Geography and History (

Postal address: Calle Doña María de Padilla s/n, 41004 Sevilla, Spain.

The central building of the University of Seville (the former tobacco factory from the 18th century).


Callejero de Sevilla








How to get there:

The building is located in a very central part of the city of Seville, right next to Puerta de Jerez (a former gate of the historic city wall) and Prado de San Sebastián. Bus, tram and metro lines all pass through and have a stop here.


The Faculty of Geography and History offers its students classrooms equipped with a free WiFi network (Eduroam), electric power points for computers and all the equipment necessary for the delivery of lessons, with various computer rooms being available for Master's Degree classes when necessary.

Once registered, each student will be given a password (UVUS) that will allow access to the most important services and resources: the library ( or and platforms on which the lecturers will provide students with the class materials, which are the virtual classrooms ( or The Geography  Departments of the University of Seville have their own web page, which facilitates access to the services and resources mentioned above, as well as providing additional information about the lecturing staff and departmental activities  (