Committee for the Guarantee of Quality in the Qualification (Comisión de Garantía de Calidad del Título - CGCT)

The function of the CGCT is to efficiently establish and implement a Quality Guarantee System that ensures a continuous and systematic improvement in a qualification. To this end, the qualification must have quality indicators that make it progressively more satisfactory and attractive to all the interested parties (students, teachers, and administration and service staff at the University of Seville, together with employers and the society at large), and that consequently lead to a growing demand.

The committee carries out its activities for the purpose of fulfilling the following objectives:

  • Promote a continuous improvement in the Study Programme.
  • Contribute to a successful outcome in the Qualification Verification process and support ex-post assessment processes (monitoring and accreditation).
  • Guarantee maximum objectivity and independence in its activity.
  • Act as an efficient support mechanism for the Dean of the Centre and the Study Programme Monitoring Committees.
  • Implement quality guidelines adapted to the specific context of the Qualification and the Centre
  • Seek coherence between the centre's General Quality System and that of the Qualification.
  • Involve all the interested parties in the pertinent information gathering processes and ensure maximum participation in these.
  • Safeguard the interests of the different groups involved.
  • Ensure that effectiveness, efficiency and transparency are the Qualification's management principles.
  • Protect the confidentiality of the information generated (since the pertinent authorities are those responsible for its distribution).

The CGCT of the Master's Degree in Territorial Management: Operational Instruments and Technique is made up of the following members:




Dr. Ismael Vallejo Villalta


(on behalf of the Dean)

Dra. Josefina Cruz Villalón

Coordinator of the Master's Degree

Dr. Mario Castellanos Verdugo

External expert (Department of Business Administration and Marketing & Market Research at the University of Seville)

Dr. Arsenio Villar


*A student representative and an administration and service staff representative are the remaining two members of the CGCT. These posts are currently vacant.

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