Academic Calendar and Timetable

Academic Calendar and Programming of Master's Degree Activities

  1. Start and finish dates of classroom lessons:
    The definitive calendar is approved for each academic year by the Board of Governors of the University of Seville. Classroom lessons usually begin in the third or fourth week of October.
  2. If some of the students had to complete the subject Foundations of Geographic Information Technologies (GIT) in an intensive time period, this would be timetabled for the week before the Master's Degree begins.
  3. The subject Techniques of Territorial Recognition consists of a field trip lasting several days that is programmed for after the classroom activities have finished and whose itinerary may vary from one academic year to the next.
  4. The internships will also take place after the classroom activities have finished and will last for nine weeks, with a daily timetable of five hours from Monday to Friday. The exact dates for this activity will be established with the company or institution in which the work placement is going to take place, once each student has been assigned a specific destination. At the beginning of the course, a meeting will be held with all the students at which they will be told about the companies and institutions available, the conditions and the requirements.
  5. The Master's Degree Dissertation may be presented for its subsequent oral defence between July and November in one of three official time periods. Each year the dates for presentation and defence are published through the appropriate channels. The information concerning the most recent oral defence period can be consulted at the following e-mail address:


Each year this will be published before the classes begin, between the months of July and September.

The classes will be given in the afternoon/evening from 16:30 to 20:30, from Monday to Thursday in the months of October, November, December, January and February, with a break for the Christmas holidays. The internships (nine weeks) and the field trip will be programmed for after this period.